The complete list of all the 56 Stuff authors whose works are (or were) presented on this website.

Sorted by (nick)names, in alphabetical order.

Sorted by (nick)names, in alphabetical order.

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8bit | sound

A legendary band from Siberia.


Acher, Héloïse

Acher, Héloïse | visual

A Parisian street photographer strolling in London.

All N4tural

All N4tural | sound

Colliding banters and ill field recordings.

Anton Apchekhov

Anton Apchekhov | visual

A pseudonym of Zhenya Isaeva, a visual artist of impressively wide endeavor.

Askarov, Igor

Askarov, Igor | visual

A man who thinks that his best purchases ever are a rangefinder camera and a bicicle.


Banabila, Michel

Banabila, Michel | sound

A versatile composer, actively collaborating with artists of various creative fields.

Baranik, Lidia

Baranik, Lidia | visual

An architect who is equipped with a bunch of various film-type photo cameras.

Zachary Beans

Beans, Zachary | sound

Finding a reason to wake up and do something when everything can seem so pointless.

Biopsychosis & S. Avramova | sound

An occasional duo of an industrial music band and experimental folk singer from Far East.

Booka Dehuk

Booka Dehuk | sound

A man who walks back and forth in a wide field between techno and IDM.

Bor, Pavel

Bor, Pavel | textual, visual

One of those men thanks to which 56 Stuff come into existence.

Berthault-Jacquier, Cyril

Berthault-Jacquier, Cyril | visual

A French picture-maker, who lives in Brussels.

Buldakova Veronika

Buldakova Veronika | visual

An artist and designer from St. Petersburg, Russia.

Burgerman, Jon

Burgerman, Jon | visual

A tireless graphic artist, who covers various surfaces with funny creatures.


Cavolo, Ricardo

Cavolo, Ricardo | visual

An illustrator based in Madrid. He claims that draws the beauty of the weird part of the life.


Cemtex | sound

A producer of solid and unhurried abstract downtempo tunes with clear-cut melodies.


CIRC | sound

A composer who makes catchy tunes and tries to combine ease of listening with intelligence.


Copy | sound

An electronic music formation which took part in a couple of our compilations.


Custo | sound

An audiovisual duo with a huge passion for jazz combined with love to electronic music.

Cycle Hiccups

Cycle Hiccups | sound

A tuneful unity of electronic sounds, vocal exercises and improvisations.



DAT DOT | sound

A superband consisting of superartists.

Davidov, Denis

Davidov, Denis | sound

A producer of quaint electronic compositions, enriched with various field recordings.

De Moi

De Moi | sound

A master of ambiences, who expands the guy-with-a-guitar concept.

Digital Midgets

Digital Midgets | sound

An FX-obsessed tinnitus sufferer, specializing in other-worldly synth-driven electronica.

Digital One

Digital One | sound

A composer, performer, DJ, promoter, and the leader of 8bit and Echo Depth Finders.

Dorofeev, Alexey | visual

Was born. Photographing.


Dreamlin | sound

An electronic music duo from Minsk, producing chilling downtempo tracks.


Drol. | sound

A music producer who aims to unite respect for nature and love for electronic sounds.


Drowzy | sound

A laid-back person who loves to sleep and creates laid-back tunes.

Drozdov, Anton

Drozdov-Schastlivtsev, Anton | visual

A professional cinematographer, who advances in the meantime as a photographer.

Dubinsky, Roman

Dubinsky, Roman | visual

An artist, widely known at the Web as Palitra_art.

DuBois, Doug

DuBois, Doug | visual

A notable photographer from Syracuse, USA.

Dubrovsky, Andrey

Dubrovsky, Andrey | visual, textual

A historian and photographer from St. Petersburg.

Dufresne, Larry | visual

A visual gramophone and an emotional typewriter.

Durham, Jason Michael

Durham, Jason Michael | visual

A mixed media conceptual artist and a professional gambler.


Efros, Max

Efros, Max | visual

Among other things, a cinematographer of “Games Get You Carried Away” video.

Eritsyan Stepan aka Unislon

Eritsyan Stepan aka Unislon | visual, textual

A jeweller and an author of short poems and existential drawings.



Few | sound

A professional heavy metal drummer, who also took pleasure in samples and sequencers.

Fischinger, Mareen

Fischinger, Mareen | visual

Everything that involves photography is her passion since the late 1990s.

Fokos, David

Fokos, David | visual

A photographer who uses long exposures and carefully selected compositions.


Foolk | sound

Strong beats, snap samples and rich synths from a buttons pusher named Dusan Vanco.


Frayhm | sound

Hopes and wonders from a little different world of ambient electronics.

Fukuda, Takeyoshi aka Motake

Fukuda, Takeyoshi aka Motake | visual

A photographer from Tokyo who makes photos as memories about people he met.


Gaponov, Alexey

Gaponov, Alexey | visual

Makes photo pictures and writes short annotations for them.

Gavrilova, Katerina

Gavrilova, Katerina | visual

An archaeologist and a big friend of pacific salmon.

Gomez, Barbara Ana

Gómez, Bárbara Ana | visual

A Spanish illustrator living and drawing in London.

Great Mundane, The

Great Mundane, The | sound

Music, absorbed many things from hip-hop, jazz, and even classics.

Grettschak, Andriana

Grettschak, Andriana | visual

Was born in Riga, somewhere under a roof. Moved to Berlin, again, under a roof.

Gurinova, Alica

Gurínová, Alica | visual

Makes animation, illustration, printing, fashion design, and street art.


Hoegsberg, Simon

Høgsberg, Simon | visual

A man who combines professional photography and journalistic research.

Hsia, Kevin

Hsia, Kevin | visual

The founder of VAMP (Vintage/Analogue/Manual Photographers) community.



Idiosync | sound

Sample-based music that pursues ambiguity of interpretations.

Inay, The

Inay, The | sound

A pleasant hybrid of art-electronica and straight-out lo-fi.

Inward as DJ Pizz

Inward as DJ Pizz | sound

A music maker who uses stress as his inspirational source.


Ioka | sound

Ioka likes the sound of clouds, roses, and elephants.


Jazzy Puzzles

Jazzy Puzzles | sound

A band which was building downtempo structures from jazzy sound bricks.

Jeune homme

Jeune homme | sound

A music project with craving to an experiment in its initial meaning.

Jurevicius, Nathan

Jurevicius, Nathan | visual

An illustrator, toy designer and the creator of Scary Girl.


Kalinin, Mark

Kalinin, Mark | visual, sound

A real culture pusher. A man behind the incredible Taiga space.

Kamaev Vladimir aka Soamo

Kamaev Vladimir aka Soamo | visual

Well-known and highly sought illustrator.

Khesina, Lina

Khesina, Lina | visual

To be born, to grow and never grow up. To live inside a cloud, observe and admire.


KLUtCh | sound

A legendary producer of audible bombs.

Komarov, Konstantin | textual, visual

One of the first 56-activists who took a part in the Exhibition Nr. 56.

Koyama, Nanako

Koyama, Nanako | visual

A freelance photographer from Tokyo.

Kronberg, George

Kronberg, George | visual

A film photography adept and a productive photographer.

Ksenia Kamikaza

Ksenia Kamikaza | sound

A DJ, music producer, promoter and radio host.

ktyz | visual

A flamboyant geometric figures manipulator.

Kuber, Gamilla | textual

A misterious poetess.

Kustov, Alexander

Kustov, Alexander | textual

Travels with a photo camera through Siberia and makes utterly unique pictures.

Kohler, Larissa

Köhler, Larissa | textual, visual

Writes poems. Makes photos.


Lee, Sean Marc

Lee, Sean Marc | visual

A photographer with the anagram name Laser Menace.

Letsius, Alexander

Letsius, Alexander | visual

A multimedia artist and a member of Tundra audovisual group.

Levitin, Max

Levitin, Max | sound

A music lover, collector, mixer, reviewer and promoter.

Lindholm, Ami

Lindholm, Ami | visual

An animation film director and illustrator from Helsinki, Finland.


Livid | sound

Approaching music as an emotion, without limiting himself to one genre.

Lozhkin, Yaroslav

Lozhkin, Yaroslav | visual

An artist and designer, the author of cover artwork for “Semolina Porridge”.



Machinefabriek | sound

The alias of Rutger Zuydervelt, a composer from Rotterdam.

Makagonova, Xenia

Makagonova, Xenia | visual

Shares her subjective impressions with the help of photography.

Margaliot, Roy

Margaliot, Roy | visual

A freelance illustrator graduated from Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem.

Marginal Boots

Marginal Boots | sound

An electronic sound-producing unit with pre-installed ability to feel emotions.

Math Geek

Math Geek | sound

Melodic Heavy Mental Childish Happy Hardcore. And related genres.

Maximov, Ilya

Maximov, Ilya | visual

A multimedia artist, animator, animated films director and comixmaker.

Mechanical Witch

Mechanical Witch | sound

A Melbourne-based producer, telling stories through music made with machines.


Medilöme | sound

Personal emotions, translated through elaborate melodies and dextrous rhythms.

Melting Order

Melting Order | sound

A musician on a mission to discover the boundaries of music.

>Mind Collider

Mind Collider | sound

An experimental occasional boyband, producing music by spontaneous methods.

Mnemonic | sound

A one-man electronic music project, participated in a couple of our compilations.


Mombus | sound

One of the most interesting electronic music producers in Russia of 2000s.


Moonscape | sound

A quite successfully discovered boundary between experimental and easy music.


Nilsen, Silje

Nilsen, Silje | visual

A Norwegian/Suomi illustrator and animator.

Nix, Lori

Nix, Lori | visual

Builds high-detailed dioramas and makes pictures of it with a photo camera.


Panteleev, Yuri

Panteleev, Yuri | visual

A photographer from St. Petersburg.

Pillow People, The

Pillow People, The | sound

The depressive trip — something sad, thoughtful, and gloomy at times.


Pilote | sound

One of the aliases of Stuart Cullen, a versatile composer.

Pogoda, Bart

Pogoda, Bart | visual

A photographer in a permanent travelling.


Printempo | sound

A maker of pleasant and well-crafted melodies.

Pungercar, Zoran

Pungercar, Zoran | visual

An illustrator from Slovenia who thinks that animals should rule the world.


Radboud Mens

Radboud Mens | sound

A man, who has been experimenting with sound since 1982.


Randomajestiq | sound

One of the most active electronic music projects of Belarus in early 2000s.


Raumskaya | sound

Making a map of various life stages out of music tracks.


Redink | visual

An illustrator who is driven to make photo shots constantly.

Ritmy B

Ritmy B | sound

An old friend of 56 Stuff, hiding behind thousands of different names.

Roque, Fabio Miguel

Roque, Fábio Miguel | visual

A photographer from Lisbon, who is always eager to learn.

Rotaenko, Anya

Rotaenko, Anya | visual

Her primary goal and the meaning of life is to make illustrations.

Route 24

Route 24 | sound

One of the numerous aliases of Stuart Cullen, a highly productive music maker.


Scaly Whale

Scaly Whale | sound

Rhythmical full-of-melodies music made via a huge setup of various devices.


Screamershock | sound

Cranberry cheese.

Scxtt Thx Bxll

Scxtt Thx Bxll | sound

Scott from Scotland missed his musical family terribly. Tired of crying, he re-created them on his computer.

Selezneva, Alina

Selezneva, Alina | visual

A fine art expert who travels with a photo camera.


Sensiva | sound

Music for city dwellers who keep their inner connection with the nature.

Shchukina, Olesya

Shchukina, Olesya | visual

An animation director, illustrator and artist.


Shtukk | sound

Serious-minded and beautiful music. Chilling with style.

Skarednov, Roman<

Skarednov, Roman | sound

A man behind the titles ABC Galaxy and Snow Slow Party.

Sove and Uni | sound

A duo of two clowns who like evoking rich emotions with their music.

Stereo Modus

Stereo Modus | sound

Unearthly melodic landscapes for a good listener’s contemplation.


Storby | sound

Balancing between sound, text and context.


Strike | sound

A man who, in late 1990s, was making nice instrumental hip-hop.


Sztuka | visual, sound

A designer, musician, and constuctor of electronic sounding machines.


Tapecut & Nemaier | sound

Two Estonian music producers who make collaborative works from time to time.

Taylor, Maggie

Taylor, Maggie | visual

Creates dreamlike images using a computer and a flatbed scanner.

Tishenkov, Oleg

Tishenkov, Oleg | visual

An illustrator, also known as Olegti.

Tswetkow, Igor

Tswetkow, Igor | visual, sound

A notable artist, versatile musician and serious-minded animator.


Unicode | sound

A music producer who was a participant of our “Update Music” festival in 2003.

Unknown Artists | sound

A band with the title which disorients automated listing systems.

Uvarova, Alexandra

Uvarova, Alexandra | visual

An animation director from St. Petersburg.


Villan, Oscar

Villán, Óscar | visual

Photographing, drawing and laughing from Santiago de Compostela, Spain.

Von Holleben, Jan

Von Holleben, Jan | visual

A photographer who takes his job extremely serious.

Vasiliev, Zhenya

Vasiliev, Zhenya | visual

An illustrator, pen and ink cartoonist and urban sketch enthusiast.

Vecherkovskaya, Yana

Vecherkovskaya, Yana | visual

Modestly says that has no talent and makes photo shots only at boring times.


Velure | sound

A bouquet of vocals, accordion, analogue synthesizers, guitars, and trip-hop beats.


Vikhornov | sound

Emotionally rich and sophisticated electronic music.

Voltanov Band | sound

An additional music outfit of Ivan Voltanov who is also known as Zimmer-G.


XS | sound

A participant of our free “Past Perfect” compilation.

Xuan Xuan

Xuan Xuan | visual

An artist and illustrator based in Singapore.



YaD | sound

A music band from St. Petersburg, Russia.


Yadi | sound

Easy listening with nostalgic elements.


Yellowhead | sound, visual

Makes music, produces videoart, draws pictures, and so on.

Yushmanova, Ekaterina

Yushmanova, Ekaterina | visual

A photographer who works slowly but staunchly and prefers to film people.


Zalewska, Katarzyna

Zalewska, Katarzyna | visual

Illustrates, draws and lives in Krakow, Poland.

Zija, Zosia

Zija, Zosia | visual

A photographer, interested in relations between people and places.


Zimmer-G | sound

Music which descends from lack of music and gets inspiration from more or less old times.