The Inay

The Inay

A pleasant hybrid of art-electronica and straight-out lo-⁠fi.

The Inay

The project of a musician and an artist from Minsk (Belarus), who calls himself Dany and Mr. Bad Ears, was founded in the early 2005. The sound is related to lo-fi and art-electronica styles. Before that Dani attended a music studio with guitar classes and played in several rock and post-rock bands.

Experimenting in different areas, Mr. Bad Ears found the better field for his experiments — electronic music. He bought an old soviet synthesizer, called Faemi 1m, a number of microphones and a mixing table, and started making his first musical sketches.

The name “Inay” appeared long time before Dani began to compose tracks — in the early childhood (he was 3–4 years old) he wrote something “inay”-shaped on one of his original child drawings. At that time he wasn’t thinking about the meaning of the word. Fortunately, the paper sheet with this historical drawing wasn’t lost, and you can take a look at it.

Listen to some music by The Inay:

Easy. Slow. Quiet. - On Roof

Listen more: a compilation

Easy. Slow. Quiet. Easy. Slow. Quiet.

Easy. Slow. Quiet.
An asymmetrical response to the bustle and noise of everyday life, lousy weather and bad moods.