What is 56 Stuff

56 Stuff is an international art community and a record label.

Since 1998 we release and distribute music, organize events, produce and publish different fun things, tell about creative (in the finest sense of this world) people, in short, give our lives to art.

Our headquarters is in constant movement. Our creative network is worldwide.

Watch us:


Watch us:


About this site

56stuff.com is a quiet place when you can enjoy carefully selected, as well as exclusively produced for us, various creative works made by different authors. 56stuff.com is like a museum: it’s static, opened for a wide audience, managed by invisible curators.

All the artwork on this site is presented with its authors’ permission. If you intend to somehow use any of it we recommend you to contact us first. Use this e-mail address: hq {at} 56stuff.com.

Occasionally asked questions about 56stuff.com, answered

How can I rate contents and learn about a quantity of views?
Forget that evil stuff! Save your time and nerves and don’t be distracted by counters, statistics and other completely useless numbers. Enjoy the art.

I would like to post a comment. How can I do this?
The option is not included. If you really have to say something important, use e-mail. We love to receive long, interesting and intelligent letters.

Why there are no special buttons for easy sharing?
It’s pretty clear that each and every visitor of this site is able to copy an URL and write a short commentary without the help of any so-called social buttons. This is awesome, we appreciate it.

Why fifty-six

It just so happened that the initial activities of the founders of our creative community all revolved around this particular number. Without any rational reason, to be honest.

So, the name “56 Stuff” means exactly “fifty-six and stuff”. These days its meaning only matters in a historical context. But we still love fifty-six, of course.

Target audience

We’ve conducted a huge marketing research and precisely determined people who are the core of our target audience. They are persons who love to dance and zeugma.

Artistic submissions

We are always happy to receive from you music demos, illustrative portfolios and other examples of your creative work. Messages with links and short descriptions are preferred:
hq {at} 56stuff.com | music {at} 56stuff.com


We sincerely thank everyone who ever helped us (in random order):

Markus Mink; Ashley Muhne; Elizaveta Petrova; Jia Chen; Dina Silantyeva; Tania Kilina; Lena Kilina; Kartina Irka; Ivan Dymkov; Pete R.; Cornel Boppart; Lily Zhang; Linda Marlen Mendez Quintana; Dinah Lammiman; Howard Ellison; Marina Kai; Georgina Little; Ekaterina Gainoutdinova; Alex Pijpker; Comrades.pro; “Taiga” creative space; Mark Kalinin; Alina Selezneva; Ksenia Melnikova; Artem Polikarpov, Nastya Kopylova; Sophie Townsend; Awal UK; Barry Gruff; Martin Lemoine; Jean-Francois Fecteau; Suprafina; Spitzin; Alexander Gerveshi; David MacFadyen; Petr Canik; Ryan Taylor; Kyle Kurtenbach; Chris Brancato; Sam Rua; Dominik Fiala; David Urminsky; Phil Key; Leonid Boguslavsky; Elena Eroshina; Alexander Berzing; Lidia Baranik; Aliya Sagitova; Olya Runyova; Miss-Kitt; Vasily Haoru; Marina Kholodova; Natalya Demina; Evgeny Tikhomirov; well_well_well; Irina Lysenko; Ekaterina Sergeeva; Elizaveta Krylova; heproton; Darya (Art-Gid.ru); Mikhail Potemkin; Leila Azizbaeva; Natasha Zalozina; Bu33a; Kirill Chichaev; Kap6uK; “Sekondhand”, stuffmakers; Xenia Benevalenskaya; Dmitry Slyusarchuk; “Osobnyak” theatre, St. Petersburg; Vishka; Kvarik; DJ Garys aka Sergeon; Alexandra Pavlova; Soii; Edd Kumpel; Natalya Gladysheva; Dipdowel; dzokonda; Barbara Duarte; Alisa Rivkind; Reiner Shternfeld; dzijcza; Irishka Babitch aka kit; Sergey Philippovsky; Mansur Saifutdinov; Xenia Kamikaza; Sergey Ammalainen; Sheinina Svetlana; Kharitonov Alexey; Konstantin Komarov; Sergey Gavrilov; Taisia Kosova; Alexander Gogun; Artem Potar; Sergey Anohin; Yulia Lyashova; Alexander Malkov; Sergey Vladilenovitch Danilov; Artem Dudin; Stanislav alf; Vlad Azarov; Nadezhda Eritsyan; Andrey Musatov; Irina Ladygina; Olesya Naimuk; anna_karenina; organ_donor; altert; Pavel Borisov; Olesya Zalozina; Elena Panfilova; Anna Gorokhova
and everyone who we accidentally and unintentionally forgot to mention