Past Perfect

Past Perfect

by Various Artists

FSST021 | Year: 2006 | Number of tracks: 10 | Total time: 41:09 FSST021 | 2006 | 10 tracks | 41:09

Ten tracks which are the very best in music, published by the label via CDs from 2002 to 2004. Released in collaboration with the Austrian net-label Laridae.

Release details

FSST021 | Year: 2006
Number of tracks: 10
Total time: 41:09

10 tracks

A compilation, composed completely of tracks previously released by 56 Stuff. The best of music, published via the label’s CDs between 2002 and 2004. We have selected just 10 tracks for you, but all of them are worthy of attention. At least we hope so.

When this selection was released, in the ancient times of 2006, CDs were still in use. So we’ve printed a number of those and started to give them away for free at any occasion. In order to make this release even more accessible, we joined forces with a net-label (after some time searching, we found a perfect one — Laridae). So, while we dealt with the compact discs, “Past Perfect” was distributed via the Internet by the nice Austrian guys.

Sometime later, we ran out of CDs — which is not surprising. Since then, the compilation has become available for free downloading from this page.

Listen to the entire compilation right now:

Yellowhead - MKH Strike - Square Yadi - Moonwalker 70 Shtukk - Joop Piedo Dima Vikhornov - Narodnaya Few - Like a Sex Machine 8bit - Haywadana!! (D1 Nu-Stily Mix) Zimmer-G - Caravan XS - Loser Takes Coffee Moonscape - I Icer

This release is available for free downloading: ZIP (93 MB).

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01. Yellowhead — MKH
02. Strike — Square
03. Yadi — Moonwalker 70
04. Shtukk — Joop Piedo
05. Dima Vikhornov — Narodnaya
06. Few — Like a Sex Machine
07. 8bit — Haywadana!! (D1 Nu-Stily Mix)
08. Zimmer-G — Caravan
09. XS — Loser Takes Coffee
10. Moonscape — I Icer