A producer of solid and unhurried abstract downtempo tunes with clear-cut melodies.


St. Petersburg-based producer Stepan Nikulin entitled his musical project keeping in mind a name of an explosive substance Semtex. It was produced in Chechoslovakia until 1975 and actively used by the IRA in terrorist acts. Stepan changed one letter in this word but it is not the only difference between his brainchild and a powerful plastic explosive.

At first, when started composing music in 1997, Stepan preferred to make fast, energetic music, a kind of electro-influenced techno. But gradually the speed of his tunes decreased to 70–90 bpm and Cemtex’s sound became not-so-aggressive and best described as abstract hip-hop and downtempo. That is to say, the second difference from Semtex is positively pleasant: this music is not plastic and it’s not dangerous.

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Different Listening 3 Different Listening 3

Different Listening 3
Summarizing the approach of the whole series: it’s pleasant to the ears, but at the same time it can be surprising for the mind.

Different Listening 2 Different Listening 2

Different Listening 2
A compilation of light electronic music that tries to be more than just a compilation of light electronic music.