Different Listening 3

Different Listening 3

by Various Artists

FSST023 | Year: 2006 | Number of tracks: 13 | Total time: 55:25 FSST023 | 2006 | 13 tracks | 55:25

The third issue of the “Different Listening” series continues and summarizes the approach of the first two: it’s pleasant to the ears, but at the same time it can be surprising for the mind.

Release details

FSST023 | Year: 2006
Number of tracks: 13
Total time: 55:25

13 tracks

The cover artwork for this compilation is intended to illustrate the content and the approach. As you can see, we’ve got a number of different textures, patterns, materials and forms here. The shapes are jagged and wrinkled, the symmetry is unobvious. However, the whole picture looks rather well-rounded. We hope that this visual representation corresponds with the music nicely.

Now, we are going to add a number of style tags for the categorization fans. Here they go: funky downtempo, solid trip-hop, serious ambient, perverted jazz, glamorous IDM, anxious hip-hop, vague electronica, righteous leftfield, and whatsoever whatnot.

Listen to the entire compilation right now:

Yellowhead - Birdie’s Life Digital One - yjp-yjfh Custo - Dream Mombus - Sunrise-Pentagon Dusan Vanco - Bar Velure - Words to Speak Cemtex - Robotron Math Geek - Aero Desk 4 Sensiva - Quintet Attack Shtukk - Pocket Pony The Great Mundane - The Great Escape Zimmer-G - Home Boy 8bit - Pseudoacoustic Day

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01. Yellowhead — Birdie’s Life
02. Digital One — yjp-yjfh
03. Custo — Dream
04. Mombus — Sunrise-Pentagon
05. Dusan Vanco — Bar
06. Velure — Words to Speak
07. Cemtex — Robotron
08. Math Geek — Aero Desk 4
09. Sensiva — Quintet Attack
10. Shtukk — Pocket Pony
11. The Great Mundane — The Great Escape
12. Zimmer-G — Home Boy
13. 8bit — Pseudoacoustic Day