De Moi

De Moi

A master of textures and ambiences, who expands the understanding of the guy-with-a-guitar concept and adroitly involves reading in the process of music making.

De Moi

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Maybe at this moment, somewhere near Little Carpathians, a man extracts sounds from a wooden board, a handful of tiny stones or other objects using a microphone. Even if he is not doing this right now, he will be soon, definitely. The foley technique is an important part of his creative process. The name of this man is Vojtech Vesely, and he is known to the curious fans of interesting music as De Moi.

Or, perhaps, he is currenly finishing his new track. If that’s so, he is most likely reading. Vojtech usually does this while listening to long unfinished compositions in order to spot the sounds that disturb him. If he hears something unfitting, he gets up, fixes a tune, resumes playback and gets back to a book.

Another possibility is that, as you are moving through this text, he holds an electric guitar in his hands. This instrument is essential for De Moi, however, this is not always obvious to a listener. Vojtech combines the use of a guitar for creating abstract soundscapes with a variety of synthesized and natural sounds. Sometimes it is hard or even impossible to recognize the exact sonic sources in a finished composition — and this explains why the author compares his ambient music to a perfume.

We may not know which ingredients form a fragrance, yet we can enjoy the final result and let it evoke sweet memories of pleasant places, characters and feelings. The tracks of De Moi treat us in the same way — they enhance the emotional resonance of our surroundings. So why not embrace this experience?

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