Indifferent Listening

Indifferent Listening

by Various Artists

FSST058 | Year: 2020 | Number of tracks: 13 | Total time: 49:45 FSST058 | 2020 | 13 tracks | 49:45

A conceptual collective album which reflects on contemporary habits of music perceiving and winks at its own predecessors.

Release details

FSST058 | Year: 2020
Number of tracks: 13
Total time: 49:45

13 tracks

In the first decade of the 20th century, we have released a series of compilations called “Different Listening”. Back then, the whole process of interaction with the audience was slow. We had to burn CDs, print and fold paper covers, and put everything into plastic boxes. Our listeners waited for us to do all that and then went to shops or markets and bought physical objects. How crazy was that!

About 20 years later, everything changed in almost every aspect and became even more crazy. But, despite the dazzling mayhem of digital singles, it is still here — our unsinkable, stubborn passion for making music compilations!

In alignment with the modern times, all the tracks of this collective album were made (specifically for the occasion, mind that) within the ridiculously strict timeline, during just one week. After that, a blind chance, through a randomly chosen shuffle algorithm, decided on the order in the tracklist. The compilation was prepared at a rather audacious pace and published almost immediately after the tunes were finished.

Of course, the average listener nowadays is not as attentive and curious as before, but we, in our turn, saved ourselves a lot of time, avoided emotional stress and managed to make less effort. Well, the last two points are not exactly true, but whatever.

Listen to the entire compilation right now:

Zimmer-G - Whatever Idiosync - Whatever DAT DOT - Whatever Scaly Whale - Whatever Cycle Hiccups - Whatever Drowzy - Whatever Storby - Whatever Shtukk - Whatever Mechanical Witch - Whatever Livid - Whatever De Moi - Whatever Yellowhead - Whatever Ritmy B - Whatever

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01. Zimmer-G — Whatever
02. Idiosync — Whatever
03. DAT DOT — Whatever
04. Scaly Whale — Whatever
05. Cycle Hiccups — Whatever
06. Drowzy — Whatever
07. Storby — Whatever
08. Shtukk — Whatever
09. Mechanical Witch — Whatever
10. Livid — Whatever
11. De Moi — Whatever
12. Yellowhead — Whatever
13. Ritmy B — Whatever