Sample-based music that pursues ambiguity of interpretations.


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Also known as


Daniil Alexandrov has been making music since 1998, first as Moonscape, and since 2006 as Idiosync. Having experimented with a lot of forms, sounds and styles he came to a conclusion that any real life sound carries more semantic value than anything generated by a live or electronic musical instrument. Field recordings may evoke flashbacks and associations just like a familiar smell might. Modifying these recordings, chopping to pieces and blending them with each other could affect listener’s perception in the most unexpected ways. Upon that realization the musician gave up using almost all synthesized sounds and concentrated on searching, recording and altering samples.

In 2012 Daniil released his second — and Idiosync’s first — album “Extrapolation”. The material for it came from a somewhat obscure source: the musician set to dissect and reassemble the music of Soviet Union, with which he had, albeit involuntarily, a deep-rooted connection. The result is an odd mix of deconstructed old soviet songs, radio and TV broadcasts, and all and every contemporary music influence the musician has absorbed so far.

While the making of the album required from Daniil to stay within certain ideological boundaries, he doesn’t pursue any particular style or sound, constantly generating ideas and developing concepts for his sampledelic collages.

The name “idiosync” comes from the term “idiosyncrasy”, which refers to an individualizing characteristic, peculiarity or eccentricity. Idiosync stands for sample-based music that pursues unpredictability and ambiguity of interpretations.

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Idiosync — Gigbits Idiosync — Gigbits


A cascade of postmodern manipulations, a celebration of self-resampling and a chain of rethinking of rethinking of rethinking.

Idiosync — Extrapolation Idiosync — Extrapolation


A deftly performed work with samples from music you very likely had never heard, with fragments of voices in a language that you possibly don’t speak.

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Idiosync — Live at 56 Stuff Evening Idiosync — Live at 56 Stuff Evening

Live at 56 Stuff Evening

Painstaking work with sound bits, high number of inner musical events, and intricate rhythmic, melodic and compositional moves.

Idiosync — 5ynchronized 6eats Mix Idiosync — 5ynchronized 6eats Mix

5ynchronized 6eats Mix

Idiosync creates a “continuous tension” and expresses his understanding of 56 Stuff sound through his favorite tracks.

Idiosync — Live at Erarta Museum Idiosync — Live at Erarta Museum

Live at Erarta Museum

A convincing audible illustration of how similar sources and the same approach can differ between live performances and studio albums.

There are also collaborations and compilations

Reverse Yellowheadding Reverse Yellowheadding

Reverse Yellowheadding
The joy of bending originals into something new and different — captured as music recordings of various dispositions and attitudes.

Indifferent Listening Indifferent Listening

Indifferent Listening
A conceptual collective album which reflects on contemporary habits of music perceiving and winks at its own predecessors.

Ideas for Pop Producers to Steal Ideas for Pop Producers to Steal

Ideas for Pop Producers to Steal
Our favorite type of music is the thought-provoking one. We are not saying this is relevant here, but… Oh, wait. It looks like we are.

Music for Eukaryotes Music for Eukaryotes

Music for Eukaryotes
A compilation that both you and your cat are able to enjoy. Along with a dog. And also a cactus. Perceive it from your very core!

Idiosync & Yellowhead — Audio Files Idiosync & Yellowhead — Audio Files

Audio Files
Made under the influence of mass media, these tracks contain elements of ignorance, banality and stupidity.

The Discreet Charm of Consumerism The Discreet Charm of Consumerism

The Discreet Charm of Consumerism
The result of using an inspirational source that is seemingly uninspiring — a supermarket and related things.

Marginal Stuff for Genuine Dorks Marginal Stuff for Genuine Dorks

Marginal Stuff for Genuine Dorks
A selection of tunes released under the title of an imaginary world, in which 56 Stuff uses common business marketing tools.

Foldout Foldout

A compound music composition made by 18 artists via the method Cadavre exquis de la musique.

Uncategorized Uncategorized

A variegated compilation made with utter contempt for all the kinds of categorization. The style is whatever, the music is good.

Not So Easy. Less Quiet. Not So Easy. Less Quiet.

Not So Easy. Less Quiet.
A compilation-antonym to our previously released “Easy. Slow. Quiet”. The title says it all: this time the music is definetely not so calming.

Easy. Slow. Quiet. Easy. Slow. Quiet.

Easy. Slow. Quiet.
An asymmetrical response to the bustle and noise of everyday life, lousy weather and bad moods.

7×8. 56 Stuff Remixes Itself 7×8. 56 Stuff Remixes Itself

7×8. 56 Stuff Remixes Itself
A convenient opportunity to compare a number of original tracks with their remixed versions which some artists made for each other.

Also known as