by Idiosync

FSST046 | Year: 2016 | Number of tracks: 10 | Total time: 49:54 FSST046 | 2016 | 10 tracks | 49:54

A cascade of postmodern manipulations, a celebration of self-resampling and a chain of rethinking of rethinking of rethinking.

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FSST046 | Year: 2016
Number of tracks: 10
Total time: 49:54

10 tracks

In the beginning, there were some Soviet audio recordings, copied from original vinyl plates and converted into the mp3 format by unknown amateur enthusiasts. Then, Idiosync used some parts of those low-quality records as samples in his “Extrapolation”. Next thing, he adapted the material of that album for his live performances. Later, he reworked it again, mixing with sounds from a personal library of field recordings, fragments of tracks from his other project, Moonscape, and whatever had come in handy. That’s the brief story of this album.

The sounds of “Gigbits” went a long way. In the process, most of them have lost — more or less — their essence and were transformed beyond recognition.

The final results are considered original tracks, even though some elements, such as beats, basslines and melodies were clearly taken from previously released compositions.

All of this sounds like fun for us, inquisitive and curious listeners!

Listen to the entire album right now:

Idiosync - Intro Idiosync - Atelier Idiosync - Choibalsan Idiosync - Digital Footprint Idiosync - Brothers Aslolwhatskih Idiosync - Yaroslavl Idiosync - Donde Idiosync - Wishing You Good Appetite Idiosync - Sweep Idiosync - Guby Tyanutsa K Gubam

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Album artist


Album artist


01. Intro
02. Atelier
03. Choibalsan
04. Digital Footprint
05. Brothers Aslolwhatskih
06. Yaroslavl
07. Donde
08. Wishing You Good Appetite
09. Sweep
10. Guby Tyanutsa K Gubam