Music for Eukaryotes

Music for Eukaryotes

by Various Artists

FSST052 | Year: 2018 | Number of tracks: 14 | Total time: 65:41 FSST052 | 2018 | 14 tracks | 65:41

A compilation that both you and your cat are able to enjoy. Along with a dog. And also a cactus. Perceive this selection of tracks from your very core!

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FSST052 | Year: 2018
Number of tracks: 14
Total time: 65:41

14 tracks

Isn’t this great fun to know that your neighbor John is related to, let’s say, a fern, a champignon and a sockeye? But screw John! What is even more amusing, the same applies to you, and to the author of this text, and to all people in the world (even the good and famous ones). It is a kind of nice to be related to fish or birds, even on the cellular level. Thank science for this breathtaking opportunity!

But let’s move to our elaborate marketing strategy. Keeping in mind that the world of eukaryotes is extremely diverse, we thought it would be beneficial to drastically enlarge our audience. So, we decided to count in almost every creature on this planet (if you are a bacteria, please, don’t take offense for not being included). Ka-ching!

Naturally, we put a proper amount of diversity into this selection of tracks. The plan is simple: if you don’t enjoy the compilation in full, your petunia would probably be totally delighted.

Many nice things are nice in large part because of their diversity. Boxes of mixed candies, for example. Or variegated selections of electronic music. Lovely stuff! We hope that you, our nucleated listeners, share the predilection for variety.

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Route 24 - Snart Kommer Screamershock - Kyōkai Printempo - Sparks Scaly Whale - Binary Cowboy Cycle Hiccups - Flag Drowzy - Fuselage Medilöme - Magic Breath Denis Davidov - The Dream of a River Cat Melting Order - Interferences in My Chords Idiosync - First Day Drol. - Enchanted Forest Yellowhead - Platypus and Porcupine Mechanical Witch - Shadow Days Zimmer-G - Two Cachalots

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01. Route 24 — Snart Kommer
02. Screamershock — Kyōkai
03. Printempo — Sparks
04. Scaly Whale — Binary Cowboy
05. Cycle Hiccups — Flag
06. Drowzy — Fuselage
07. Medilöme — Magic Breath
08. Denis Davidov — The Dream of a River Cat
09. Melting Order — Interferences in My Chords
10. Idiosync — First Day
11. Drol. — Enchanted Forest
12. Yellowhead — Platypus and Porcupine
13. Mechanical Witch — Shadow Days
14. Zimmer-G — Two Cachalots