Not So Easy. Less Quiet.

Not So Easy. Less Quiet.

by Various Artists

FSST034 | Year: 2011 | Number of tracks: 9 | Total time: 35:55 FSST034 | 2011 | 9 tracks | 35:55

A compilation-antonym to our previously released “Easy. Slow. Quiet”. The title says it all: this time we made a selection of tracks that couldn’t be called calming. It’s better to call it… well, not so calming.

Release details

FSST034 | Year: 2011
Number of tracks: 9
Total time: 35:55

9 tracks

At the end of 2010 we released “Easy. Slow. Quiet.”, a nice calming compilation filled with slow and chilling tracks. That was good. Year later we prepared an inverted release, a compilation-antonym. And this is good as well.

“Not So Easy. Less Quiet.” intends to demonstrate: we are not just a pleasant chill-out-downtempo-lounge-and-so-on music label! Beyond that point we are… we are also an unpleasant chill-out-downtempo-lounge-and-so-on music label! Well, that’s not true. We are still pleasant, in our own way. And we still keep our original self-irony. It is also good, isn’t it?

Listen to the entire compilation right now:

Denis Davidov - Hypomania Foolk - Mighty Woman Raumskaya - Market Idiosync - Decision From Above Scaly Whale - Hektik Vikhornov - Animals Math Geek - Australian Acid ABC Galaxy - Yes We Are Cannibals Yellowhead - Welfare Malfunction

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MP3, 320 kbps, zip-archived (via Gumroad)

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Easy. Slow. Quiet.

01. Denis Davidov — Hypomania
02. Foolk — Mighty Woman
03. Raumskaya — Market
04. Idiosync — Decision From Above
05. Scaly Whale — Hektik
06. Vikhornov — Animals
07. Math Geek — Australian Acid
08. ABC Galaxy — Yes We Are Cannibals
09. Yellowhead — Welfare Malfunction