Having started making music back in 1998 with an intention of self-actualization, nowadays he can’t help but go on putting together a map or a guide of his life stages out of music tracks.


A man called Gleb Voev aka Raumskaya likes conceptual minimalism, engages himself in photography and design and, what is more important for us in this case, marks his life with music compositions. The latter are assembled into what Gleb refers to as a map or a guide of his life stages.

The mysterious word “raumskaya” which the musician has picked for his project is an important component of this imaginary guide. The word has Finnish roots and it is a name of a street in the town of Kolpino, which objectifies the musician’s image of his childhood ⁠— a world and state he prefers to reside in to this day.

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A variegated compilation made with utter contempt for all the kinds of categorization. The style is whatever, the music is good.

Not So Easy. Less Quiet. Not So Easy. Less Quiet.

Not So Easy. Less Quiet.
A compilation-antonym to our previously released “Easy. Slow. Quiet”. The title says it all: this time the music is definetely not so calming.

Easy. Slow. Quiet. Easy. Slow. Quiet.

Easy. Slow. Quiet.
An asymmetrical response to the bustle and noise of everyday life, lousy weather and bad moods.