Intelligent Rave Music

Intelligent Rave Music

by Yellowhead

Year: 2005 | Number of tracks: 4.5 | Total time: 28:38 2005 | 4.5 tracks | 28:38

An imaginary dancefloor of Yellowhead where scientists and clubbers are dancing together to a pseudo-stupid, pseudo-monotonic pseudo-thrasher “unza-unza”.

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Year: 2005
Number of tracks: 4.5
Total time: 28:38

4.5 tracks

After a day of hard mathematical calculations and laboratory experiments professors and assistants do not go back to their sweet homes but direct their steps strictly to a nightclub. Nuclear physicists set on fire on the dance floor. Senior lecturers and postgraduates rock out to the electronic music. In a rhythm pulsation they find aftersound of something that never leave their minds: molecules traffic, atom decay, chain reactions and the cycle of being. Without digressing from work problems of practice and theory, they chill with tracks which don’t enforce brain to work but not completely turn it off at the same time. The dance of science intellectuals is modest — these people don’t betoss their limbs as nobby modern dancers. However, together with scientists, other social types dance there: clubbers, dance generation units and party monsters. They don’t give a shit about diffusion and adhesion, the rhythm is the only thing they need — with its help they accelerate their physical bodies run-out.

“Intelligent Rave Music” is playing through the dynamics. The creation of Yrspotch-composer Yellowhead, who resolved to release not only downtempo for stay-at-home melomaniacs, but also pseudo-stupid, pseudo-monotonic and pseudo-thrasher “unza-unza”. For those who prefer to listen and for those who want to jump.

One Dime Doublebeat
Doublebeattke, a biologist, is observing a cruel struggle of microorganisms for surviving through his microscope and eating sandwich. A working day is on its top, the Doublebeattke’s foot stomps in time to Yellowhead’s music which is playing from the portative tape recorder. The scientist is able to combine pleasure with obligations.

Peaceful Atom
A proving ground. Siren warns institute staff that it is needed to move into the bunker. People dressed in white smocks hide out behind the durable walls made of special material. Professor Doublebeattke is the only who likes radiation and doesn’t hide. He moves right to the epicentrum, carrying his microscope, tape recorder and sandwich.

A group of scientists by request of a big promotional organization devises essentially new type of sunglasses for the open-air parties. Candidate of science Glazoff works amid lenses and optical apparatuses, thinking about the podium where slim top-models demonstrate a new line of goggles.

Chemical engineer Hazardyan had worked over the agricultural chemical, but the results of his work were surprising. The material that he had invented was regarded as dangerous for human sanity and banned for fabrication. The scientist continues to work for agriculture but does not feel well — he hallucinates of people dancing in gas-helmets.

Ultimately Gifted
Doublebeattke gets drunk and forget about the fact that he is a biologist. Without dropping out a microscope and sandwich, he stomps at the night club together with his anatomy educatees. A bit later, after losing self-control entirely, Doublebeattke climbs up the stage, speaks to the microphone unconsciously and makes a little pogrom.

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Yellowhead - One Dime Doublebeat (feat. Booka Dehuk) Yellowhead - Peaceful Atom Yellowhead - Sunvibes Yellowhead - Urrdanza Yellowhead - Ultimately Gifted (Drunk Students Mix)

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Album artist


01. One Dime Doublebeat (feat. Booka Dehuk)
02. Peaceful Atom
03. Sunvibes
04. Urrdanza
04.5. Ultimately Gifted (Drunk Students Mix)