Moving Recollections

An archive of videos from various gigs that we have organized or was a part of one way or another.

This collection is occasionally updated.

This collection is occasionally updated.

An Example of Yellowheadding

A quick introduction to Yellowhead’s audiovisual live performances.

Zimmer-G: Live at a Secret Party

A short report from a tiny secret party which was dedicated to releasing the “Halfway Sweeter” album by Zimmer-G.

56 Stuff Music Night

An edited footage from a 56 Stuff party, which was all-night-long, oh-so-fun and so on.

Mind Collider + Alexander Letcius

A documentation of an improvisation, involving an experimental boyband and a multimedia artist.

Music Take-Away Moscow

Two minutes of video from an interesting place, filmed during a frosty winter evening.

Scaly Whale Playing Live in Sarafan

We have that filmed: Scaly Whale playing live in a ridiculously awesome outfit!

7×8: Compilation Presentation

A report from an improvisation, coinciding with the release of the “7×8” compilation.

Exhibition Nr. 56

A rare VHS-footage from our very first public action, the insane happening dedicated to the number fifty-six.