Rather Casual

Rather Casual

by Various Authors

Rather Casual by Various Authors



A collective video diary by members and friends of 56 Stuff.

Various people shot more or less random videos on numerous locations via different devices. It’s an incomplete but relevant description of modern reality. Of course, we all are a part of this, as well as our friends and friends of our friends. “Rather Casual” reflects the current situation — exactly what a diary should do.

The visual density of this diary is high and it comes without any explanation whatsoever. A viewer can recognize some places, objects, symbols or situations, but not necessarily. And that’s the proper level of abstraction for a compilation of casual footage.

Small bits of real-life documentation are combined with each other in quite an erratic manner. The whole thing swings between trivial and weird. It has no definite course and no certain destination — which is rather casual.

Rather Casual, Epsiode 1

Episode 1: a winking postcard, a walking robot, soap bubbles, Japanese toys, stamping seagulls, and other things and creatures.

Rather Casual, Epsiode 2

Episode 2: a car of one horsepower, a flight of a toy kite, good use for old TV sets, a tunnel for bicycles, and other places and situations.

Rather Casual, Epsiode 3

Episode 3: levitating faucet and noodles, dancing balloons, wind and water, ants and people, trams and bicycles, cities and villages.

Rather Casual, Epsiode 4

Episode 4: a kayak in the city, imperfect equestrianism, a duck-sailor-tumbler, a spot where nothing happened, and barrier tapes.

Rather Casual, Epsiode 5

Episode 5: snowy places, fighting goats, tiny floating dinosaurs, bricks of different purposes, bicycles on water, actions and pauses.