by Medilöme

FSST051 | Year: 2018 | Number of tracks: 5 | Total time: 22:23 FSST051 | 2018 | 5 tracks | 22:23

A combination of sounds, which is sophisticated and friendly, peculiar but elegant, both melancholic and appealing, emotional and interesting at the same time.

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FSST051 | Year: 2018
Number of tracks: 5
Total time: 22:23

5 tracks

We have to start with a warning: this music can make you feel blue. So, if you are a happy, positive-thinking and cheerful person, you’d better listen to “Xima” and quit that unreasonable optimism! There is at least one good thing in being slightly sad: this emotional state shows that you are a nice, sensitive person with delicate psyche, warm heart and so on. And since you are good at being good, you will, most likely, move even further down the wonderful way of goodness and buy this EP.

But let’s not forget about emotionless, cold-hearted and skeptical rationalists. If you can keep your head cool while watching a video about funny little puppies, if you think that the sea is not only poetic but also bad-smelling, if you start laughing when somebody seriously claims that astrology is a science… Well, here is something for you too — a beautifully complicated structure of this music. Its clever rhythmical variations, masterfully implemented sound effects and strong inner tension will not let you get bored.

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Medilöme - 38 Medilöme - Brynyolf Medilöme - Australoin Medilöme - Hune Medilöme - Etroyte

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Album artist


Album artist


01. 38
02. Brynyolf
03. Australoin
04. Hune
05. Etroyte