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FSST045 | Year: 2015 | Number of tracks: 7 | Total time: 23:55 FSST045 | 2015 | 7 tracks | 23:55

A work of sound, made in a technique that is obviously mixed. It is properly stuffed with thoughtful melodies, merry rhythms, ambiguous meanings and assorted contexts.

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FSST045 | Year: 2015
Number of tracks: 7
Total time: 23:55

7 tracks

For starters, let’s set the matching mood and tune our perception to this album’s wave. In order to help us do so the author has provided us with this quirky, punning dialog:

“Did you see my movie?”
“You made a movie?”
“I made a movie.”
“About what?”
“About whatabouts.”
“Water boats?”
“Yes, water boats that float down small rivers in ambivalleys.”
“You know — not making a decision is a decision as well.”
“Sounds confusing, we’ll see if I find it, is it in HD?”
“No, it is in ADHD.”
“I didn’t know you were so tendentious…”
“No, I’ve actually got another issues.”
“Like what?”
“No, like when and which one.”

Well, whether this sequence of expressions works for you or not, you can definitely get at least one important thing from it: Storby likes to play with contexts. This tendency can be seen in the music of “Stuffed”: this mini-album is like a box, filled with random tiny things, collected in a dozen various attics, owned by various people, belonging to different periods and areas. Parts of this multi-item content roll over each other and get interspersed. The whole set jingles, clanks and tings.

Do not let this slight disorder confuse you, its nature is intentional. The disarray was constructed consciously and on purpose, as confirmed by the author himself:

“The tracks may seem fairly unrelated as if they were just stuffed into one package. That was the main idea of the record — to combine pieces, made at different times while having some issues like weary mind, time and fragmentarity of approach.”

The trick is similar to that when you take a kaleidoscope, throw away almost all that default colored glass, and fill the thing with whatever you can lay your hands on. The change is not that obvious and is unnoticeable from the outside, but joyfulness increases significantly.

Listen to the entire album right now:

Storby - Blouse Blues Storby - NIL Storby - A Little Change Storby - zzzz Storby - Bow Storby - Between Planets Storby - Victoria, Alex, Vicky & Bruce

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Album artist


Album artist


01. Blouse Blues
02. NIL
03. A Little Change
04. zzzz
05. Bow
06. Between Planets
07. Victoria, Alex, Vicky & Bruce