Some Kinds of Them

Some Kinds of Them

by Yellowhead

FSST043 | Year: 2015 | Number of tracks: 8 | Total time: 31:32 FSST043 | 2015 | 8 tracks | 31:32

A bunch of audible mutants, conjured up by a man who loves to have fun with random sounds of various origins. Their shapes are eccentric. Their edges are crooked.

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FSST043 | Year: 2015
Number of tracks: 8
Total time: 31:32

8 tracks

Yellowhead somehow managed to stumble upon a number of variegated, imaginary creatures. Perhaps not all of them can be called good and friendly, but they all can definitely be listened to. As a matter of fact, listening is the only thing you can do with these children of fancy — which is, if you think about it, just as well.

Now, we would like to add that we have nothing to add. The paragraph you are reading now exists for a simple reason: this page just looks way better with it than without. What a joke of existence, wouldn’t you say? Yes, existence likes to make jokes, and many things and beings came to life just by chance, without any solid basis behind them. As, for example, did this music album.

Listen to the entire album right now:

Yellowhead - Canned Ghosts Yellowhead - Liquored Genies Yellowhead - Divorced Fairies Yellowhead - Cybernated Boggarts Yellowhead - Asbestous Phantoms Yellowhead - Baffled Doppelgängers Yellowhead - Flammable Suburbies Yellowhead - Weather Spirits

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Album artist


Album artist


01. Canned Ghosts
02. Liquored Genies
03. Divorced Fairies
04. Cybernated Boggarts
05. Asbestous Phantoms
06. Baffled Doppelgängers
07. Flammable Suburbies
08. Weather Spirits