Snow On

Snow On

by Snow Slow Party

FSST035 | Year: 2012 | Number of tracks: 9 | Total time: 37:49 FSST035 | 2012 | 9 tracks | 37:49

A leisure dance of naked piano and gentle drum machine, which happens under a slow snowfall. Simple things are neatly assembled into beautiful compositions.

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FSST035 | Year: 2012
Number of tracks: 9
Total time: 37:49

9 tracks

There’s no hurry for the snow when it is falling down from the skies. When we are observing a snowfall, we are quiet and hasteless as the snow itself. There is music playing, it is quiet and light. In the same way that snowflakes consist of frozen ice crystals, these tunes are made of piano notes and electronic beats.

Roman Skarednov, the man behind the Snow Slow Party alias, knows a lot about the snow, long and quiet winter days, unhurried living pace, and the making of beautiful compositions from simple things. “Snow On” is exactly about all the things mentioned above, which is a logical result of a deliberate working process — it took more than ten years to move from the album’s original idea to its production and publishing.

Listen to the entire album right now:

Snow Slow Party - Coco Snow Snow Slow Party - Icicles Snow Slow Party - Today and Always Snow Slow Party - Remember or Forget Snow Slow Party - Road of Lunar Drink Snow Slow Party - W and T Snow Slow Party - Yes No No Cafe Snow Slow Party - One Day Is One Drink Snow Slow Party - Ice Minuet

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Album artist

Snow Slow Party

Album artist

Snow Slow Party

01. Coco Snow
02. Icicles
03. Today and Always
04. Remember or Forget
05. Road of Lunar Drink
06. W and T
07. Yes No No Cafe
08. One Day Is One Drink
09. Ice Minuet