Public Jewelry

Public Jewelry

by Moonscape

FSST022 | Year: 2006 | Number of tracks: 13 | Total time: 54:42 FSST022 | 2006 | 13 tracks | 54:42

A sonic equivalent of accessories — jewels, pearls, silver, sequins, colored glass and other shiny objects — for various everyday occasions.

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FSST022 | Year: 2006
Number of tracks: 13
Total time: 54:42

13 tracks

Some people have a passion for shiny objects. Some other people find this passion somewhat pathological. The author of this album agrees with the latter, but willingly sprinkles some glittering items on the lovers of the sparkling. The way he does this makes the process interesting for members of both categories.

Each track on “Public Jewelry” has its own individual kind of shine: bright or soft, warm or cold, aggressive or discreet. In short, the album could suit almost any taste. Most likely, you are included in the audience, whichever view you take. So, the author’s following message couldn’t have come at a better time:

“All artists lie a bit when they say they create only for themselves. I plainly state: this is all for you! The result is packed with clicks and cuts which are sonic equivalents of glitter. You can put these widgets on yourself and go for a walk; believe me, it will drastically improve your appearance. If you need something for a particular occasion, I give you: bracelets for dating, necklaces for business correspondence, earrings for designing templates, tiaras for apartment cleaning and so on, and so forth.”

Listen to the entire album right now:

Moonscape - Single in Paris Moonscape - Glitter Moonscape - Waltz for Brunettes Moonscape - Plastic Emotions on Sale Moonscape - Silly Bossa Moonscape - Commutator Moonscape - I Icer Moonscape - Metronomic Rains Moonscape - Empty Room Moonscape - Must Moonscape - Toggle Moonscape - Amble Song Moonscape - Written While You Were Having Sex in My Bed

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Album artist


Album artist


01. Single in Paris
02. Glitter
03. Waltz for Brunettes
04. Plastic Emotions on Sale
05. Silly Bossa
06. Commutator
07. I Icer
08. Metronomic Rains
09. Empty Room
10. Must
11. Toggle
12. Amble Song
13. Written While You Were Having Sex in My Bed