by ABC Galaxy

FSST050 | Year: 2018 | Number of tracks: 13 | Total time: 52:02 FSST050 | 2018 | 13 tracks | 52:02

A creature, brought into being on a whim of the mad scientist of ABC Galaxy. It was constructed in a laboratory setting from some primal material on a deep level of IDM. We mean, DNA.

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FSST050 | Year: 2018
Number of tracks: 13
Total time: 52:02

13 tracks

Listening to this album is like using a time travelling machine, combined with an electronic microscope. While asking yourself, “What era is it?”, you can’t stop feasting your eyes with multiple happenings on the molecular scale. This trip is amusingly entertaining, but in a serious scientific way.

Synthesized particles, historical parallels, syncopated beats, cultural references and objects you have no time to identify — all these things fly by, or intermix with each other, or disappear in deep layers of quasi-primordial soup.

Behold! There is the one and only oscillosaurus. It moves with irregular speed and from time to time suddenly changes the direction. Supposedly, the creature is a sleepwalker, but it doesn’t have to be careful. If you are made out of waves, you can walk through walls. As well as through mountains, lakes, time travelling machines and various fanciful animals.

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ABC Galaxy - Back ABC Galaxy - The Dangerous and Attractive Box ABC Galaxy - King Pong ABC Galaxy - Through Buttons to the Stars ABC Galaxy - Vampires of Polansky ABC Galaxy - Stolen UFO ABC Galaxy - My Girlfriend Is a Cuttlefish ABC Galaxy - Synthetic Revelation ABC Galaxy - Radio Relax ABC Galaxy - Little Diver ABC Galaxy - Manufacturing Dreams ABC Galaxy - Electron ABC Galaxy - New Old

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Album artist

ABC Galaxy

Album artist

ABC Galaxy

01. Back
02. The Dangerous and Attractive Box
03. King Pong
04. Through Buttons to the Stars
05. Vampires of Polansky
06. Stolen UFO
07. My Girlfriend Is a Cuttlefish
08. Synthetic Revelation
09. Radio Relax
10. Little Diver
11. Manufacturing Dreams
12. Electron
13. New Old