Life-Wasting Vest

Life-Wasting Vest

by Yellowhead

FSST047 | Year: 2016 | Number of tracks: 10 | Total time: 32:44 FSST047 | 2016 | 10 tracks | 32:44

An addition to the regular life-wasting process — a bundle of wasteworthy bass roaring, mid-range rustling and treble chirping.

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FSST047 | Year: 2016
Number of tracks: 10
Total time: 32:44

10 tracks

Life offers us a countless number of them — the ways to waste it. Some people waste their lives by commuting for the benefit of huge corporations. Some of them — by freelancing at a seaside bungalow. Some — by not working at all. There are so many methods of life wasting! You can waste your life by reading political news, watching entertaining shows, playing online games or writing unnecessary albums descriptions.

Whatever is your own special choice, Yellowhead is here to support the idea. This time, his imaginary construct is a vest which makes the process of life wasting more effortless. This fantasy works in the easiest way possible: you just need to take the vest from under your seat and put it on. Its numerous pockets are full of ridiculously fun and gloriously unwholesome things. It protects you from… well, from nothing, but at least it feels classier than those boring life-saving vests.

Oh, right, here is the additional feature: it works even without involving the imagination! The thing is traditional like a sewing pattern, it still contains same old highs, mids and lows. Unza-unza-brrum-chcka-bwow.

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Yellowhead - Vests Must Be Used Yellowhead - Cabin Pressure Yellowhead - Commuting with Lush Yellowhead - Weltschmerzdigest Yellowhead - Gran Truismo Yellowhead - Procrastinoccio Yellowhead - Boring But Short Yellowhead - Schnappscore Yellowhead - Lost and Found and Lost Yellowhead - Killjoy Catapult

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Album artist


Album artist


01. Vests Must Be Used
02. Cabin Pressure
03. Commuting with Lush
04. Weltschmerzdigest
05. Gran Truismo
06. Procrastinoccio
07. Boring But Short
08. Schnappscore
09. Lost and Found and Lost
10. Killjoy Catapult