Immediate Relocation from Kitchen to Space

by Yellowhead

FSST032 | Year: 2011 | Number of tracks: 7 | Total time: 28:50 FSST032 | 2011 | 7 tracks | 28:50

This album, constructed from… well, we don’t know exactly what, jumps between anxiety and tranquility and has quite an unsteady temper — which, apparently, corresponds with space travel on a stool.

Release details

FSST032 | Year: 2011
Number of tracks: 7
Total time: 28:50

7 tracks

Yellowhead uses various household sounds and casual conversations in combination with electronic synthesizers, more or less broken beats as well as other unrecognizable sonorous things for the purpose of reaching new odd outlandish spaces.

Since his imaginary audio catapult is not well calibrated (if calibrated at all), the results of the transportation often happen to be unpredictable. Occasionally we fall into dark places underground, sometimes our way goes through vacuum, or over radioactive water, or across someone’s living room. From time to time it’s basically hard to understand where we are.

But the chance of successful relocation into outer space remains possible. So, if you don’t feel that it happened after the first listening, just try again. And then try for one more time. And again.

Listen to the entire album right now:

Yellowhead - I Was, You Are, They Will Yellowhead - Punktierte Yellowhead - Morning Lullaby Yellowhead - Nightmarish Daily Yellowhead - Track With a Girl’s Name Yellowhead - They Pressed Wrong Button Yellowhead - Out for Childhood

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Album artist


Album artist


01. I Was, You Are, They Will
02. Punktierte
03. Morning Lullaby
04. Nightmarish Daily
05. Track With a Girl’s Name
06. They Pressed Wrong Button
07. Out for Childhood