by Route 24

FSST040 | Year: 2013 | Number of tracks: 4 | Total time: 21:33 FSST040 | 2013 | 4 tracks | 21:33

Twisted basslines, engaging rhythms, good old-fashioned 303s, analog and digital glitches, and a bunch of various samples — here is something for everybody. Or, quite possibly, nothing for anybody.

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FSST040 | Year: 2013
Number of tracks: 4
Total time: 21:33

4 tracks

Stuart Cullen — the man behind the alias Route 24 — notices that this set of four tracks includes samples, taken from almost anyone and anything: from Grand Ol’ Opry (a famous country music show, if you are not in the loop) legend John Hartford to a trio of distressed geese (which are considerably widespread birds).

The author also declares that he stole all the music for this release (as well as the name Route 24) from two Norwegian fellows who love to ride horses. Elaborating the latter statement, he makes a commentary on the name “Horseplay”:

“The title is intended, in equal measures, to honour the lads themselves whilst simultaneously rubbing their noses in it. Let this be a lesson to all budding producers, don’t trust anybody, no matter how many pints of cheap cider they buy you…”

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Route 24 - Innføring Route 24 - Gene Kroopa Route 24 - Big Arm Route 24 - Sykkeleiker

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Album artist

Route 24

Album artist

Route 24

01. Innføring
02. Gene Kroopa
03. Big Arm
04. Sykkeleiker