Halfway Sweeter

Halfway Sweeter

by Zimmer-G

FSST048 | Year: 2017 | Number of tracks: 14 | Total time: 59:25 FSST048 | 2017 | 14 tracks | 59:25

Melodies, which are halfway between sadness and delight, but a bit closer to the latter. But just a little. But they are still more joyful than joyless.

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FSST048 | Year: 2017
Number of tracks: 14
Total time: 59:25

14 tracks

Some time ago, there was a local legend among teenagers of one town. It was believed, that any automobile with the letters KJ on a registration plate belongs to the mafia. That doubtful assumption had hazy origins, but kept all the boys horrified, for real. Every kid of the place knew the rule: if you see a car with the sinister letters, you run. Who knows what those mafiosos are capable of, right?

Of course, growing up did the trick: guys have finally put the legend in doubt. Ivan Voltanov, a man behind the Zimmer-G alias, was one of those guys. He remembers the moment when he asked himself: “Wait a minute. Why am I afraid of two symbols?” That was the intermediate state of him becoming halfway more rational.

Transient phases are important for how things are getting done, in general. They are like tiny railway stations: unpopular, but necessary for the whole line to exist. They are like cider: this drink is just halfway between the apple and calvados, but can we enjoy it? You bet!

The music of this album is halfway between the bedroom and the dancefloor — which is an interesting place to be in. And this very text is halfway between bearable and too long — so, it’s better to end it right now.

Listen to the entire album right now:

Zimmer-G - Anyway Sweetest Zimmer-G - Donkey Hot Zimmer-G - Dr. Shrimp Zimmer-G - Lastochka Zimmer-G - Lokot Zimmer-G - Motor Piano Zimmer-G - My Friend Photorobot Zimmer-G - Space Ural Zimmer-G - Western Zimmer-G - Jons Zimmer-G - Wet Nose Zimmer-G - Miloe More Zimmer-G - Two Cachalots Zimmer-G - Rhododendron

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Album artist


Album artist


01. Anyway Sweetest
02. Donkey Hot
03. Dr. Shrimp
04. Lastochka
05. Lokot
06. Motor Piano
07. My Friend Photorobot
08. Space Ural
09. Western
10. Jons
11. Wet Nose
12. Miloe More
13. Two Cachalots
14. Rhododendron