by Dima Vikhornov

FSST017 | Year: 2004 | Number of tracks: 11 | Total time: 53:11 FSST017 | 2004 | 11 tracks | 53:11

Lustrous music, fully charged with the energy of various human emotions. Bright and warm, with a nice bittersweet aftertaste.

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FSST017 | Year: 2004
Number of tracks: 11
Total time: 53:11

11 tracks

Dima Vikhornov says the following about the style of his music: “Honestly, it is very difficult to remain in the frame of any format. Every type and style of music has its very own delights. This is why I try to play different kinds of music. In general, I love emotions in music!”

This musician’s love of emotions comes through clearly in this record. “Good”, a collection of compositions from different years, is undeniably emotional. And the emotions are definitely good. To describe this record in a few words: “It is as bright as a bathroom lit by all the lights of New York City.”

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Dima Vikhornov - God Dima Vikhornov - Narodnaya Dima Vikhornov - Parallel Dima Vikhornov - Triangle Dima Vikhornov - Time Man Dima Vikhornov - Moon Treasure Dima Vikhornov - Das Gluk Dima Vikhornov - Flies Dima Vikhornov - No Positive Hero Dima Vikhornov - Batyushka (Remix) Dima Vikhornov - Vdoh–Vidoh

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Album artist

Dima Vikhornov

Album artist

Dima Vikhornov

01. God
02. Narodnaya
03. Parallel
04. Triangle
05. Time Man
06. Moon Treasure
07. Das Gluk
08. Flies
09. No Positive Hero
10. Batyushka (Remix)
11. Vdoh–Vidoh