by Scaly Whale

FSST053 | Year: 2018 | Number of tracks: 10 | Total time: 33:31 FSST053 | 2018 | 10 tracks | 33:31

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A story about how losing a fight can help find missing inspiration. Written, told and scored by Scaly Whale.

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FSST053 | Year: 2018
Number of tracks: 10
Total time: 33:31

10 tracks

Hello, listeners. This time we hope that you are also all readers, because we have a tale here. A long and intense one, with dramatic moments and not without pain and loss. In order to properly hurt your sensitive soul, we recommend you press the “play” button and read the text while listening to the music.

Opening (Foldout Theme)
I do remember the day I met Ghettornado for the first time. I was strolling around Zurich, when suddenly, a heavy rain started. I rushed into a random local venue, which turned out to be a bar hosting illegal boxing fights. It was a time when that kind of events was booming in the city, attracting hundreds of fighters, mostly Nordic musclemen and Eastern European guys with huge, hammer-like fists. Anyway, I ran into the place right around the time when the referee was declaring a winner. The crowd was huge and everybody was chanting: “Ghettornado, the Binary Cowboy!”

He came by train from Andalusia the day before I saw him at the bar. Long-awaited by certain people here in Zurich, he was determined to take a part in an important bout. The first person he had met was a panhandler on a station platform, who appeared instantly and started following him closely. The beggar was quite artistic and funny — he was almost dancing — so Ghettornado put a warm Spanish peseta in his hand.

Binary Cowboy
The posters of a bright color, bold font and big letters — “Ghettornado, the Binary Cowboy“ — were all over the city. As I learned later, the alias came from the tattoo on Ghettornado’s forearm, which depicts a binary code. Nobody knows what that code means, and — of course! — there was a legend about a man who had converted zeroes and ones into words and then disappeared under mysterious circumstances. But let’s put all the rumors aside. In order to warm up before the main event, Ghettornado decided to participate in a secret fight in a basement bar near the Grossm√ľnster. He intended to stay anonymous, but the audience recognized him and started to shout his name. That’s when I ran inside, hiding from the rain, and saw his face, so unusual for a pugilist’s. A bit later we made acquaintances and spent hours talking about photography, installations and media art. I realized that Ghettornado was not only good at boxing, he also knew a lot about art.

Planet Döner With Onion Rings
We went for a döner, which came with onion rings — so huge they resembled the rings of Saturn. Like outer space, the small cafe was empty and quiet, and relaxed Ghettornado told me his story in all honesty. Before becoming a boxer, he was an artist for a long time. At some point he lost his inspiration and was trying to get it back, but all his efforts failed. Then he started boxing and came to Zurich, not to knock out numerous opponents, but in an attempt to find his inspiration again.

Rumble in a Spice Market
It was an early morning, when we were walking home through the spice market. Then, all of a sudden, we found ourselves right in the center of a scuffle, that was taking place among screaming merchants.

A Romantic Play for Eight Billion Actors
Ghettornado’s plan was as beautiful and elegant as a romantic play with a happy ending. The final destination of his whole boxing career was the fight against the well-known pugilist, Shinkansen, who was famous for being as fast as the Japanese high-speed train. Ghettornado was hoping to meet him in a boxing ring, but not to become a winner. The idea was to be knocked out and, by the power of a fast and strong hit, be transferred to a parallel dimension, where his inspiration still existed. Yes, Ghettornado was going to fight fairly for some time and then let Shinkansen win.

Ghettornado the Boxer in a Ring
Finally, the moment of the fight had come. Ghettornado stepped out into the ring, the audience saluted him, the whole world was watching. The gloves on his hands were like two ripe red cherries. People craved the taste of freshly squeezed cherry juice.

Everything seemed to be going according to the plan. Ghettornado was fighting skillfully and hitting real hard, Shinkansen was fast — as lightning and as usual. Every series of punches was followed by a round of applause. And then, Shinkansen did his famous signature uppercut. There was a feeling that Ghettornado was falling to pieces. What a fight that was!

A Man Left Home
Ghettornado left home and went into a forest. Nobody has seen him in a boxing ring ever since. He never appeared again, at all. If you by any chance meet him — be sure to tell us about it.

Music for Interdimensional and Intertemporal Elevators Where Passengers Are Served With Coffee and Donuts
Inside the elevator, which transfers passengers between places and times, donuts and hot filter coffee were offered. Light chilling music was playing, but Ghettornado was too excited, he couldn’t wait to arrive at his desired floor. At last, the elevator had stopped. At the moment when the doors opened, Ghettornado started to feel something that has been forgotten for so long. And then he took a step forward.

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Scaly Whale - Opening (Foldout Theme) Scaly Whale - Centfuchser Scaly Whale - Binary Cowboy Scaly Whale - Planet Döner With Onion Rings Scaly Whale - Rumble in a Spice Market Scaly Whale - A Romantic Play for Eight Billion Actors Scaly Whale - Ghettornado the Boxer in a Ring Scaly Whale - Shinkansen Scaly Whale - A Man Left Home Scaly Whale - Music for Interdimensional and Intertemporal Elevators Where Passengers Are Served With Coffee and Donuts

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Album artist

Scaly Whale

Album artist

Scaly Whale

01. Opening (Foldout Theme)
Voice: Sergio Garcia
02. Centfuchser
03. Binary Cowboy
04. Planet Döner With Onion Rings
05. Rumble in a Spice Market
06. A Romantic Play for Eight Billion Actors
Bass: Roman Deuz
07. Ghettornado the Boxer in a Ring
08. Shinkansen
09. A Man Left Home
Voice: Tina Bo Horn
10. Music for Interdimensional and Intertemporal Elevators Where Passengers Are Served With Coffee and Donuts