Dún Laoghaire Grooves

Dún Laoghaire Grooves

by Scaly Whale

FSST060 | Year: 2021 | Number of tracks: 6 | Total time: 23:29 FSST060 | 2021 | 6 tracks | 23:29

Abstract rhythms and melancholic melodies which are subjectively connected to a certain real-world place.

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FSST060 | Year: 2021
Number of tracks: 6
Total time: 23:29

6 tracks

Various people met the historical lockdown of 2020 in different locations. It so happened that for Scaly Whale it was Dún Laoghaire in South Dublin, where movement restrictions were rather severe. However, instead of pining for distant places which suddenly became out of reach, he embraced his accidental localness and turned it into a source of inspiration. This process and its result are both rather personal, so let the author himself explain everything in details:

“I walked a lot within the permitted five kilometers, where a big part of the allowed radius is the sea,* and I listened to music. I wanted to take a snapshot of this time as a music album that would fit into my walking playlist.

My tracks imprinted various local places and their mood: the well-groomed East Pier and the rougher West Pier. And the People’s Park, where sometimes it feels like there is no lockdown at all, and where I still remember those fried burgers at weekend markets.

A ghostly tram line suddenly appears on the road or historical posters and just as suddenly disappears. Once there were trams here, and the town was called Kingstown.

I also had homesickness reflected in the track ‘Whatever’ — where in my head I’m taking not the local DART** train, but a suburban train by Russian railways heading to Pavlovsk.

So, this is my treat: a pint of electronic music infused with the genius loci. It’s on me. Sláinte!”***


* Quite lucky for a whale, right?

** Dublin Area Rapid Transit.

*** A drinking toast commonly used in Ireland.

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Scaly Whale - East Pier Scaly Whale - Kingstown Tramway Scaly Whale - People’s Park Scaly Whale - West Pier Scaly Whale - Whatever Scaly Whale - DART Ride

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Album artist

Scaly Whale

Album artist

Scaly Whale

01. East Pier
02. Kingstown Tramway
03. People’s Park
04. West Pier
05. Whatever
06. DART Ride