Storby — Stuffed
Storby — Stuffed
A work of sound, made in a technique that is obviously mixed. It is properly stuffed with thoughtful melodies, merry rhythms, ambiguous meanings and assorted contexts. This mini-album is like a box, filled with random tiny things, collected in a dozen various attics and belonging to different periods and areas.
The Discreet Charm Of Consumerism
The Discreet Charm Of Consumerism
The result of using an inspirational source that is seemingly uninspiring—the music that we’ve made about a supermarket, related things, and our feelings associated with it.
Yellowhead — Some Kinds Of Them
Some Kinds Of Them
Yellowhead somehow managed to stumble upon a number of variegated, imaginary creatures. Their shapes are eccentric. Their edges are crooked. Perhaps not all of them can be called good and friendly, but they all can definitely be listened to.
Memo, an anti-ADD broadcast
Memo, an anti-ADD broadcast
A quirky hybrid of music, narrative, ironic and educational broadcasts, intended to combat the side effects of the ADD-epoch. Get ready for sound greetings, convincing narration, random sound bites and the music, of course!
Moonscape — The Future We Have All Been Waiting For
The Future We Have All Been Waiting For
A number of quite long and rather hypnotizing tracks with sophisticated inner chemistry and fluid mood, fusing unsteady beats and melodies with enigmatic field recordings.
Marginal Stuff For Genuine Dorks
Marginal Stuff For Genuine Dorks
A compilation, released under the title of an imaginary world, in which 56 Stuff uses some business marketing tools. The fictional story behind it involves numerous focus groups, sly marketing consultants and a fancy conference room.
Route 24 — Horseplay
A production of tireless Stuart Cullen: twisted basslines, engaging rhythms, good old-fashioned 303s, analog and digital glitches, and a bunch of various samples. Here is something for everybody. Or, quite possibly, nothing for anybody.
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