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A variegated compilation made with utter contempt for all the kinds of categorization. Styles? Genres? Are you kidding? The style is whatever, the music is good.

One of the participants of this compilation Scaly Whale in an interview once said: “A person who speaks about music genres in 2012 is like someone who voluntarily closes him/herself in a prison. I would like to divide modern music just into two categories: interesting and boring”. We are ready to put our name down for each and every word of this statement. And the “Uncategorized” compilation is intended to prove this.

Preparing this selection, we did not think of genres (as usual, actually). Downtempo? Well, that’s OK. IDM, electro, abstract beats, ambient, sampledelica, and whatever-they-call-it? No problem. All these definitions do not work anyway. What really works for us: sounds and melodies, rhythms and pauses, beats and noises, tricks and ideas.

01) Idiosync — Übe tanzen neben Baum
02) Raumskaya — Boy
03) Denis Davidov — Radiohill
04) Inward as DJ Pizz — Oct Octa
05) Route 24 — A Country Song Gone Wrong
06) Cycle Hiccups — Great Village
07) Foolk — Dawn To Come
08) ABC Galaxy — What’s New In 60s
09) CIRC — Is Poor Faith
10) Storby — NIL
11) Scaly Whale — Polar Ice
12) Yellowhead — Alive Bouillon
13) Mind Collider — Firk
14) Vikhornov — New Town
15) Pilote — Circular Motion

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Release details
FSST037 | Year: 2012
Number of tracks: 15
Total time: 66:29

Compilation artists:
Denis Davidov
Inward as DJ Pizz
Route 24
Cycle Hiccups
ABC Galaxy
Scaly Whale
Mind Collider