Illustration by Medilöme

Personal emotions, translated through elaborate melodies and dextrous rhythms.

After playing with pre-recorded samples at the beginning of his relationship with music-making, Medilöme found his perfect creative environment in synthesizing and successfully works within it since then.

Creating sounds from scratch, out of nothing, feels like the right method for Medilöme in terms of expressing personal feelings. Knobs and faders are his favorite tools. The language of notes and harmonies is his native tongue.

Here is a sophisticated symbiosis of melodical and personal, and we can feel it even in the name Medilöme itself. It contains the French word mélodie, the English word me and a diactretic symbol. And the letters in it are jumbled up. Quite tricky, right?

The music of Medilöme is as inventive as his pseudonym. The three pillars it leans on are: the melody, the individuality, and the complexity.

Listen to some music by Medilöme:

Medilöme - 38 Medilöme - Magic Breath Medilöme - Australoin Medilöme - Brynyolf

Released on 56 Stuff
Xima (2018)

Music for Eukaryotes (2018)