Illusory Pseudoupdate?

Mark my words, people! It seems, I found the universal uniting idea for the humankind, and this idea has a number of obvious pluses! First, it is based on a negative feeling ⁠— and we all know that hardship hold people together better than prosperity. Second, this idea can be understood by almost every person on this planet ⁠— whether one is a Catholic or a Hindu, a vegan or a meat lover, a European or an Australian, a head of state or an electrician. Third, all the languages can describe this idea ⁠— so it rises above language barriers. The only minus here is that I took the soft option and did not even attempt to develop the practical implementation of the idea. Anyway, get ready to hear what I am talking about. Here it is: toothache!

— Yellowhead

What is this

For those who assume that the frequency of updates on is too low, we made this simple yet effective illusory pseudoupdate.

Using the illusory pseudoupdate is as easy as child’s play. The only thing you have to do in order to get fresh, original, and definitely new page is just to press “refresh” button. Wow?!

As you understand, we killed two birds with one shot: visitors don’t get bored anymore, and we have a neat confirmation of our never-ending hard-working process.

The content of this page

is obviously original. We use this instead of blog or, if you wish, a diary. Also you can find here some fragments from various interviews and a number of answers to frequently asked questions.

By the way,

another entertaining way to use this pseudoupdate is to play it like a game. For example, you can think of a picture and then keep clicking refresh until it loads in both slots. You can also compete with your friends: the one who gets the wished combination first wins!

And yes, you definitely can tell someone’s fortune using these pictures and words. For sure.

As for non-illusory updates,

they usually appear in our updates history.

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