From time to time, we organize various events: exhibitions, parties, lections, concerts, festivals and so on. They are different: conceptual and thematical, simple and complicated, serious and funny.


This collection is occasionally updated.

This collection is occasionally updated.

A quick journey through the history of our most important events. With original illustrations and fun facts. Also with hilarious jokes. We start from the first one and go to the freshest. Behold! Pseudo-childish drawings, brandless alcohol labels and other fascinating miracles!


Watch us in motion.

Watch us in motion.

An Example of Yellowheadding (2018)

A quick introduction to Yellowhead’s audiovisual live performances.

Zimmer-G: Live at a Secret Party (2017)

A short report from a tiny secret party which was dedicated to releasing the “Halfway Sweeter” album by Zimmer-G.

56 Stuff Music Night (2016)

An edited footage from a 56 Stuff party, which was all-night-long, oh-so-fun and so on.

Mind Collider + Alexander Letcius (2013)

A documentation of an improvisation, involving an experimental boyband and a multimedia artist.

Music Take-Away Moscow (2011)

Two minutes of video from an interesting place, filmed during a frosty winter evening.

Scaly Whale playing live in sarafan (2011)

We have that filmed: Scaly Whale playing live in a ridiculously awesome outfit!

7×8: Compilation Presentation (2010)

A report from an improvisation, coinciding with the release of the “7×8” compilation.

Exhibition Nr. 56 (1998)

Rare VHS-footage from our very first public action, the insane happening dedicated to the number fifty-six.


Static but colorful.

Static but colorful.

We’ve got a huge collection of photos from various festivals, parties, concerts and other events which were organized by us. Look at our happy participants and beautiful visitors! This bunch of images supposedly helps to feel the vibe and so on. Click, and click, and click — while the navigation arrow works!