Throes of art illustrated
This collaborative project is dedicated to all the troubles, impediments and hardships which often go along with a creative process.

Since we are very interested in creation as a process, so-called throes of creation come across our field of view from time to time. Hardly anyone can do without them. In order to comprehend this phenomenon better we asked several artists and illustrators or, in other words, people who express themselves through images, to visualize these throes of creation.

Who's in:
Evgeny Vasilev
Olesya Shchukina
Andriana Grettschak
Anton Apchekhov
Anya Rotaenko
Ricardo Cavolo
Lina Khesina
Silje K. Nilsen
Katarzyna Zalewska
Óscar Villán
Roy Margaliot
Bárbara Ana Gómez
Zoran Pungercar
Ami Lindholm