56 Stuff Music Quasianthology
56 Stuff Music Quasianthology

A splitting and galloping ride through the music that has been released by 56 Stuff in a sufficiently durable period of time.

DJ Greenleg has listened carefully to all the music that has been released on 56 Stuff music label before the end of 2011 (it took him a while, as you can guess), then from all that massive he picked a number of tunes and assembled them into a short but solid mix.

The result, which is available for downloading hereinafter, has an interesting and slightly weird effect: a listener can form a decently adequate opinion about the whole versatile 56 Stuff discography in less than three quarters of an hour.

Listen to the entire mix right now (flash player is required):

Download (MP3, 320 kbps, 86 MB)

01. Strike — Square [FSST021, Past Perfect compilation]
02. Yellowhead — MKH [FSST021, Past Perfect compilation]
03. Booka Dehuk — L-Switch [FSST015, Different Listening compilation]
04. YaD — Ciao [FSST015, Different Listening compilation]
05. Shtukk — Krajoni [FSST024, Tempo Spaco]
06. Dima Vikhornov — God [FSST017, Good]
07. Cemtex — Black Old Volga [FSST019, Different Listening 2 compilation]
08. Moonscape — Plastic Emotions On Sale [FSST022, Public Jewelry]
09. Velure — Words To Speak [FSST023, Different Listening 3 compilation]
10. 8bit — Pseudoacoustic Day [FSST023, Different Listening 3 compilation]
11. Math Geek — Hextic Beats [Music Take-Away compilation]
12. Few — Like A Sex Machine [FSST021, Past Perfect compilation]
13. Foolk — Nakashu [Music Take-Away compilation]
14. The Great Mundane — The Great Escape [FSST023, Different Listening 3 compilation]
15. Moonscape — Silly Bossa [FSST022, Public Jewelry]
16. Zimmer-G — Home Boy [FSST026, Mupy Mup]
17. ABC Galaxy — My Girlfriend Is A Cuttlefish [Music Take-Away compilation]
18. Idiosync — City Park [FSST030, Easy. Slow. Quiet. compilation]
19. Raumskaya — Seek [FSST030, Easy. Slow. Quiet. compilation]
20. Yellowhead — Morning Lullaby
[FSST032, Immediate Relocation From Kitchen To Space]
21. Scaly Whale — Einstellung [FSST033, Igra]
22. Foolk — Odyssey [FSST031, Light Bulb]
23. Yellowhead — I Was, You Are, They Will
[FSST032, Immediate Relocation From Kitchen To Space]
24. Vikhornov — Animals [FSST034, Not So Easy. Less Quiet. compilation]
25. Scaly Whale — Evening Streets In Downtown [FSST033, Igra]
26. Sensiva — Quintet Attack [FSST023, Different Listening 3 compilation]
27. ABC Galaxy — The Night Rate Bitch [FSST025, Glambrainwow]
28. Mombus — Brisk [FSST019, Different Listening 2 compilation]
29. Digital One — yjp-yjfh [FSST023, Different Listening 3 compilation]
30. Yadi — Cosma Nova [FSST019, Different Listening 2 compilation]
31. Zimmer-G — Caravan [FSST026, Mupy Mup]
32. Idiosync — Biathlon [FSST029, 7×8. 56 STUFF Remixes Itself]
33. Dima Vikhornov — Time Man [FSST017, Good]
34. The Pillow People — Ojousama [FSST027, Nymphet]
35. Math Geek — Aero Desk 4 [FSST023, Different Listening 3 compilation]
36. Yellowhead — Punktierte, remixed by Cycle Hiccups
[FSST029, 7×8. 56 STUFF Remixes Itself]
37. Raumskaya — No But Thanks [FSST030, Easy. Slow. Quiet. compilation]
38. Cycle Hiccups — Lazy Morning [FSST030, Easy. Slow. Quiet. compilation]

Set details
Duration: 37:32
January, 2012

Mixed by
DJ Greenleg